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Is it safe for me to run my xms2 twinx 2x2048 at 800mhz


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its 2x2048 but the sticks are 1 gig each maybe you people will understand why that is anyway I have 2 1 gig sticks(well thats what the prebuild was supposed to be :-) ) and Im running my ram at 400mhz will I get better performance at 800mhz? I want to optimise my system but somewhere on the net I seen some guy saying to another person 2x400 = 800 so thats what it should be , why does my bios happily let me put it at 800 , im assuming thats not overclocking it? Also I see many saying they are running at 800mhz, are there any other settings I need to adjust to make this change work well if the 800 is correct
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