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I have purchased a 2GB memory Module kit which has two sticks of 1GB PC3200 Dual corp 400MZ memory as recommended by your compatability site for my Mac G5 2GZ

I installed the two Corsair sticks in addition to the two original 1 GB Mac modules. The Mac says it still only has 2 GB

of memory yet opening a large file in Photoshop CS2 now takes about half the time it used to ( 84 seconds instead of 138 sec for a 800MB file). Also the little clip arms do not engage the Corsair chips because the notches are in a different location than the Apple ram chips. the Mac model is a "2 gz power PC G-5 64 bit" serial number "G85333CRRTY" Max ram is 4 GB .

Do I need to go with all mac chips for best performance? Why does the OS show only 2 GB ram? what about the clip arms not engaging the memory sticks? Thank you for any help or insights. Doug

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