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What is wrong with your RMA process???


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I received a RMA# (1013759) to return 4 sticks of matched CM2X1024-8500C5D - waited 2 weeks from delivery at corsair, (well beyond the 3 days stated on your web page), sent an email, finally got an apology and a response that my RAM will be shipped and was then dismayed to see that only 2 sticks of RAM were returned???? What is so difficult about processing a RMA that it requires so much customer intervention? Is your memory so bad that the RMA department is overwhelmed? Can someone please deal with this and get my additional memory sticks back to me? The four sticks i sent back were all packed in the one box and had the required paper work inside the box as requested. I dont need an apology I need my RAM!


If you cant figure it out i am really annoyed.

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