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Low voltages on HX 620W PSU?


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I'm a little concerned by the voltage readings on my new HX 620W PSU. These readings are taken from within the BIOS, and are almost exactly matched by Asus PC Probe with the system at idle.


+3.3V @ 3.25V

+5.0V @ 4.78V

+12.0V @ 11.65V


The one that concerns me most is the 5V rail, as it's dangerously close to what's generally perceived as the 5% safety threshold (4.75V)


Is this something to be concerned about, or is this normal?

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EliteKiller is correct, the BIOS readings are not 100% accurate and a DMM would be the best way to test the PSU. As long as the readings are within 5% there should be nothing to worry about.
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