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CM74SD2048RLP-2700 and CM75SD2048RLP-2700


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Hi there,


There is a server system in my company running on 8 pieces of CM74SD2048RLP-2700 Ram. But recently, I found out that one of the RAM is faulty (RAM R/W Error). The motherboard is Tyan Thunder K8W (S2885). The system is now running on 6 pieces of RAM. When I inserted the 7th working RAM, there is no increase in RAM size.


I have searched through your website and can't seem to find the CM74SD2048RLP-2700 RAM. So I guess it is no longer in production. The closest match that I can find is CM75SD2048RLP-2700. Can the RAM Modules be mixed? Can I use 7 pieces of CM74SD2048RLP-2700 and 1 piece of CM75SD2048RLP-2700?


Please help.



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