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Resolve Rma Problem Please

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Hi to all,


Been having a problem with an rma, full thread on Extreme Systems http://www.xtremesystems.org/forums/showthread.php?p=2241381#post2241381


This is where I am currently, nobody will pick up and deal with the problem


any help in getting this resolved will be greatfully apriciated.







Originally Posted by Yellowbeard

Dave, since they made a change on your memory, please contact RAM GUY through our forum or, customer service directly. Please make your subject line "Corsair RMA" so that it will easily go through our SPAM filter.


Typically they will contact you before making a change like this so please contact them and explain your situation. And, I don't have any of that memory on hand to test so I have no idea if it will run 275mhz.


CS: 888-222-4346

Email: CSGMarketing@corsairmemory.com



Originally Posted by Yellowbeard

It's odd like that some times, RMA+shipping will actually get ahead of the notification process. I seen lots of people get their RAM back before they ever got that email.


Again, sorry for the issues. If the RAM is not 100% satisfactory let me know and I'll help any way I can.


I did as you advised, sent email to customer services, on 15th July 2007 and received the following reply within 24 hours (first time I had a reply)



I letting my supervisor take care of this miss understanding. He should notify you soon. Thanks






RMA Support


Corsair Memory Inc.

Sat back and waited for the supervisor to contact me, alas 2 weeks and no contact: confused:


Am I supposed to go away and be happy that my 4400 memory was replaced with 3200, and no contact with corsair other than your good self trying to help me.


So please YellowBeard bring this to someone’s attention, in order that confidence in the company Corsair is restored.



ps. I did send a reminder email to Carlos after a week, my system reported that it was read: but no reply


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