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Abit IP35 PRO Supoort


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I plan on purchasing one of the New Abit IP35 PRO motherboards along with a Q6600 processor and need some compatibility information from Corsair on the new build. The first thing I’m looking for is some memory. I need 2GB set that has good over clocking potential. I would like to keep the cost within a certain range for the memory. For example, your TWIN2X2048-8500C5D set seems reasonable and seems to offer good overclocking potential. In fact, this memory may indeed be what I’m looking for on this motherboard. Just remember I would like the potential to overclock with this memory along with complete compatibility. I don’t want to fight compatibility issues from the start. Too, I would like to know if your 620HX power supply can handle this setup as well. All my drives are SATA including the DVD burners. Here is the complete list of components if this helps.


Abit IP35 Pro motherboard (Suggestions recommend if another one is better)

Q6600 processor

2GB of memory

EVGA 8800GTX Video Card (1)

Raptor 75GB Hard Drives SATA (2)

WD 300GB Hard Drive SATA (1)

Optical DVD/CD burners SATA (2)

Thermaltake case with two 120MM and one 92MM fans.


Thanks for any suggestions.

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