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What is the fastest @800(832) ??

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I have four sticks of Corsair 8000ul (2GB) running solid at....


832 MHz, 4,3,3,8 (4191 MB/second).


I need to use this memory in another PC very soon. What do I get now to match (hopefully beat) this speed in only two sticks !?. The Dominators look interesting & would suit my cooling, yet I have no guarantees what the faster models would do in reality @832 MHz (333 bus 4:5 ratio on Intel's 775).


I hope to move to 4gb at some point, so two 2gb modules would be great, or four 1GB that work well together (give at least the results above).


Anyone had same or better results @800 with two or more 1Gb sticks or two or more 2Gb sticks ??



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