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Dominator PC10000 On A Striker Extreme

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Has anyone had experience yet with the MB, QX6850 and PC10000 Mem combination. I'm running into a problem getting the memory to perform at it's stock clock of 1250. When I engage the SLI memory option in the BIOS the system shows 1250 but will never make it through a full POST. Using manual settings the max mem MHZ I can achieve is 1066; However, the system will usually make it through the OS load but hangs immediately after.


Newest BIOS doesn't seem to make any difference(s). System runs strong on SPD 800MHZ/mem test checks out fine on both modules. MB works fine with older and current processors and ram; which tilts my thinking toward suspecting the PC10000 as the culprit.


My immediate goal is to just get the RAM to it's stock 1250. Until that point OC will have to wait.


I'm all ears for trial settings; If thatfails then I have 2 chickens and a cow on order as a voodoo sacrifice to the overclocking gods.:evildevil

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I spoke to the guys in tech support and was told that with the striker board there was a problem reaching the full 1250. High 1100's is what I recall. I run the 8888 which runs 4,4,4,12 at 1100 so I havn't hit the same problem.
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Instead of using the SLI Ready settings, try setting your bios manually:

Timings: 5,5,5,15, 2T

Voltage, 2.4v

Set CPU to Unlinked and the set the memory frequency to DDR1250.

Also, if this is unstable try raising your NBv and your SPP VTT (aka FSB Tracking or FSB Termination voltage) to 1.4v each.

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