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DDR2 1066 Memory and 1333 FSB on Asus P5K


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I have been away from building systems for several years and need some help. I plan on building the following system:


Asus P5K Motherboard

Intel E6750 CPU (1333 FSB)

2 GB DDR2 1066 Memory

Windows Vista 32-bit


The Asus QVL lists the Corsair CM2X1024-8500 module as being approved for this motherboard, for configurations as large as 4GB. However, on the Corsair web site I cannot find a module with this exact name. The closest I can find is the CM2X1024-8500C5D, which according to the Corsair datasheet needs to be run at a memory voltage of 2.2V.


Is CM2X1024-8500C5D the DDR2-1066 memory I should be using on this motherboard? If so, I assume that upon initial boot-up the system will run this memory at 800 MHz/1.8V (since the SPD is programmed for 800 MHz), and I'll have to go into BIOS setup and enter a memory frequency of 1066 MHz and memory voltage of 2.2V, correct? Will I also have to enter the specific latency timings?


Sorry for the really basic questions, I've been away from this stuff for awhile.



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