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VS1gsds667d2- memory problem


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I have a HP Pavilion dv2000t notebook with t2300 1.66GHz processor.

It originally came with two 256MB PC2 4200S-444-12-CO memory.


Checking the memory configerator it mentioned I could buy VS1gsds667d2.

I purchased two Corsair 1GB SD-RAMs VS1gsds667d2.


When I insert the memory and start the computer for the first time it works fine. But after that any hibernate/standby/restart causes the notebook to freeze and the blue screen comes up.


Can someone advise what is wrong.


Thanks in advance.

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You will need to set these up again and in some cases when you change the memory size you would need to re-do the suspend to disk partition on your HDD and reload the O.S. But I would suggest contacting HP and have them help you with setting these features up so they work properly. Or just turn them off.
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