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I've had a HX620W for a few months, and it's running smoothly - this thread is not really about the PSU itself. In fact, I believe that I will have this PSU for many years to come.


The only thing tho, is the modular cables. I've seen people asking about the cables here and in other forums - if there are extra cables that can be bought. Well, I want to know if there are or will be "neater" cables to be bought.


I don't really like the cables for the PSU, and I've seen many new PSUs come with nice round cables - and personally I think it would be worth spending some extra money on getting better cables for my Corsair PSU.


Here's an example of what I am talking about, even tho these cables aren't exactly what I mean ( http://www.overclockercafe.com/Reviews/other_misc/Ultra_X-Connect/pics/1002.jpg )


I'm not necessarily looking for that green look - but just a mesh-sock ( sorry, I don't know the english term for it :) ) like the power-cables on the HX620W.


I realize that these cables do not exist - the question is, as hinted above - is that something I could ever expect to find?


I'd be very happy if someone from Corsair could look into this and shed some light into this concept. Perhaps it's not so important - maybe it's even ridicilous, but I know that some people - like myself, would very much appreciate the idea of customizable modular-cables. Because the flat black ones just don't do it, and I like to keep a neat case.


Thanks very much in advance,


and I hope to get some response on this.



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Hey, thanks for the input on the cables and I'm glad you like the HX series.


As far as the more rounded cables go, we specifically decided to go with the flat black cables on the HX series because we wanted them to be easy to route and not impede airflow. A flat cable can be tucked to one side or turned sideways if it runs in front of a fan in order to block less air.


There are mesh-sleeved cables on some modular supplies, I believe Silverstone uses them a lot and so do some other manufacturers, like Antec.


The flat black cables are kind of an upgrade in our minds, since they are more versatile.

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Hello again,


and thanks for the response.


I see your point with the flat cables - but I still think there could be some money made on replacement cables. Cables that vary in length, shape and color etc.


I don't know how many PSUs Corsair have sold, but both the 520 and 620 PSUs seem to be very popular here in Sweden (and elsewhere, from what I have seen) so I am quite confident there would be a customerbase for this.


Especially for a good quality product with a 5 year warranty. Many people may change their PSUs every once in a while - but I believe most people will stick with these unless they truly require more power (which is rather rare.)


And, as we all know - people want to "mod" their PCs these days and I just think it would be nice to be able to alter the internals with different cables - especially considering the above mentioned 5 year period, not to mention the ease of modular cables - I doubt it would be expensive to come up with alternative cables and get them out on the market. With a decent pricetag I'm positive it would become a success. And don't worry - I won't charge any royalties - this one's on me :)

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