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Please Help Mr. Ram Guy


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Hello Mr. Ram Guy,


I've got the following problem.

In 2003 i bought 1xtwinx1024-4000Pro (lot#0342056). Working with the Asus P4C800-E Deluxe with no problems. Having two extra memoryslots free I bought in may 2006 an extra set of twinx1024-4000Pro (Lot#04460691). This worked fine for over a year. Last week after a day computing I started my computer the next day. It worked for about 10 minutes and frooze. After a hard reset No BOOT !!! I tried everything. Replacing PSU, videocard and even bought a new motherboard Aopen AX4SPE-N. Still the same problem. When I remove the dimm in the last bank the system boots and works normally. After shutting down and putting off the power (back switch on PSU) and placing back the dimm in bank 4 it somethimes boots normally. Staying overnight switched off but with power swich on at the back of PSU, there is no boot possible. All the settings on my motherboards are default just like is was and worked before. Memory placed as pairs in banks 1+3 and 2+4. Yesterday I had (with 4 banks occupied) an checksum error ???? Never had it before. Once I managed to run MemTest-86 v3.3 from floppy boot no problems found after several runs. Shutting down after these tests and..... no boot. Removing dimm (bank4) and reboot possible. I think the dimms in bank 2+4 are having problems working together. Do you agree? Is this problem RMA worthy? Are these dimms (4000-pro) still in stock?


Greetz Marco Guariento

The Netherlands


After writing the above, I found some settings (same as on side DDR-modules) on the corsair site for the cmx1024-4000.

Dramclock 400 mhz.

Cas latency 3T

Ras to Cas delay 4T

Row precharge 4T

Tras 8T


After removing ddr-dim from bank 4 (still having checksum error) applied the settings. Switching computer off, power of PSU.

Putting ddr-dim in bank 4 etc. Switching power on and........ BIOS Rom Checksum error.

After taking out ddr-dim bank 4 normal boot.


To be honest I don't know what to try anymore.



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