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RAM for a Thinkpad R40


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Good morning,

I have an IBM Thinkpad R40 2681. I already wasted 27€ buying on eBay a 512MB SODIMM which didn't work, because it is PC3200, and it seems that this notebook only accepts PC2100 and PC2700 DDRs SODIMM (CL2.5, 2.5v, 200pin, Non-ECC).

I found this - http://www.chl.it/w3obj/h/default/$ProductDetails?session=l28XYcY24LElqxzolsh4og__&A_CodArt=716319&I_CDSRoot=17902449&Folder=DET# - module on an Italian e-commerce web site. Could you please tell me if it's compatible with my laptop?

Thanks a lot

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