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corsair 620hx voltages low and high


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is something wrong with my corsair 620hx power supply ?


in my bios is says my

3.3V is @ 3.31V

5V is @ 4.94V

12V is @ 11.91V


using speedfan 4.32 under idle

3.3V is @ 3.14V

5Vsb is @ 4.91V

12V is @ 12.65V


using speedfan 4.32 under load

3.3V is @ 3.12V

5V is @ 4.85V

12V is @ 12.52V


arent the respective rails suppose to running @ their respective voltages ?

i read someonewhere that 12.5V is dangerous and may damage my other parts.

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What application are you using to measure the Voltage?


Speedfan :p:


Never rely on software voltage readings. Purchase a <$30 DMM from Sears and test the rails. :biggrin: ATX spec allows ±5% on the three positive rails. Quality psu's (like the Seasonic built Corsair HX's) are typically <3% and have very little voltage fluctuation under load.


example: 12V could be 11.4V - 12.6V

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You need to use the software provided by the MB maker and or the BIOS to calibrate any Third party software. Or use a VOM meter to make sure the reading you are getting are accurate.
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