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ASUS A8R32-MVP + TWINX2048C2 Kit / XMS 3200 XLPRO LED Kit


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I am able to have all of the above modules of Ram working together, for a grand total of 3gb of Ram.


The machine works fine and memtest works,

However I am unable to get it to Boot in DDR-400 Mode with my setup.



The sticks when by themselves, Post at speeds of 200mhz (ddr400) and above quite easily, But when each kit is combined the system defaults to 100mhz (ddr200) no matter what setting I have seemed to try.


This is very frustrating, This 2gb kit was 309$ Canadiaan, Luckily 25% off.. nevertheless, I was hoping to extend to life of this box of mine with 3gbn of ram for recording in Cubase or gaming, Rather then assembling an entire new machine with an Intel Core 2 Duo....


Opteron 180 and so on, I think theres a way you can check my registration system info?


Any help or info on this issue would be wildly appreciated!

Thanks guys,




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