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New ram problem


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Hi, first time on these forums so hopfully this is in the correct place.


Heres the scoop: I recently bought this product:


It is going great but I used the same system scanner I had used before I bought the ram to see what I had and what I could use.


My old ram was Pc2-5300, so I bought the PC2-6400 (800mhz) and removed my old stick. I done the system scanner out of curiosity yesterday to see what it said now. It now says I have 2gb of 5300 ram insted of what it should be (2gb of 6400), im not sure why this is but I'd like to fix this minor problem because if i can get a bit more out of my ram, for what ive paid for, then why not?


If theres anything you need to know please ask and ill figuire it out for you :)


Many thanks in advance :)


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