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Asus P5K Premium Wifi-AP and QUAD2X4096-6400C5DHX


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people can, but it helps to be posted in the right area :)

Thread moved.

Doh, sorry.. My bad..

Thx for the move..



Yes they will work but I would suggest Twin2x4096-6400C5DHX as that would give best performance and more room to add more memory later.
As long as they work i'm a happy camper and by the time i need more than 4GB of RAM i'll already have a DDR3 board so that's no issue for me..


Thx for the fast answer after the thread move.. :)


Already received the dimm's.. man they look cool :)

Currently memtesting them in a diff board @ work to see if there aren't any errors which i don't expect offcourse...

2 passes without errors so far and waiting for my new mobo..


tbh, i was gonna get two Twin2x4096-6400C5DHX modules but suddenly our reseller here in the Netherlands (BAS Computers) took them off their list so i couldn't order those anymore, weird...

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