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Settings for TWIN2X2048-6400C4 + Asus P5N32-SLI Premium


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TWIN2X2048-6400C4 with P5N32-SLI Premium mobo.

750w PSU, and dual 8800 GTSs in SLI with soft bridge.

Memory is in dual channel configuration.


I'm running the following settings :

4-4-4-15 2T with Trc at 24

Memory voltage at 2.10

"SLI Broadcast Aperature" set to Auto

SLI-Ready Memory set to OFF.

Spreadspectrum is all turned OFF for North and south bridge.

Everything else is left at Auto or default.


Ambient temp in the room is around 78-80 F (ugh!), but I have a fan blowing on the open case, so slightly cooler air is moving past everything.


I get some lockups and bluescreens after a while (30 mins or so) playing Day of Defeat Source.


Please recommend different settings. I just want stability!! :(

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CPU is a Dual Core E6600.

FSB Speed (QDR) set to Auto and it's reporting 1067.2 Mhz

Mem speed Manually set to 800 (but that's what it calcs on Auto as well)


*EDIT* Oh and I've bumped the Trc down to 22 .. I see you've recommended that before in other threads.

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Hmm. I think this is heat related. When the ambient temp of the room was down to 77 (@ nighttime, with the AC running strong), I was able to go strong in DOD:s for a couple hours with no glitch.


Maybe I just need confirmation that my BIOS settings are good to go.


Thanks in advance, Ramguy. You certainly provide a huge service for Corsair's products in this forum.

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Not sure how to exactly get the northbridge temp, but I used the Asus PCPROBE II utility, and mostly idle (playing winamp), I get


CPU = 31c , MB = 47c


after about 10-15 mins of day of defeat, they read:


CPU = 40c , MB = 47c


Hope this helps. Oh, btw, the ambient temp in the room is 82 F (ouch, I know..)



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TRC should be set to 24 and I would try and set the memory Voltage to 2.0 Volts and see if that helps and I would suggest maybe adding a case fan to help cool if you have a space for it. But the Temps are not bad.
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