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Dell Optiplex GX270 + Corsair VS = No POST!


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I have some Dell Optiplex GX270s (SMT), and got Corsair VS512MB400C3 modules to upgrade them. On the very first box I tried, it won't POST with the new memory. Both NewEgg's and Corsair's memory configurators said these modules were compatible.


I got 3 1GB kits, and all 3 produce the same result, so it isn't a bad module. I tried flashing the BIOS to the latest rev. No joy. I also tried just installing 1 module, thinking perhaps I had a bad DIMM socket...no luck there either.


Any thoughts?

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I am sorry but you will have to use VSXXXMB333 modules with that system, please ask the reseller if they will let you exchange them and if they will not or cannot help you please contact our customer service at 888-222-4346 or 510-657-8747 Ext "0" and do not hit any other extension or send an email to rma@corsairmemory.com
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Thanks RAM Guy. We got it from NewEgg, and their RMA policy is pretty good.


I don't pretend to fully understand how RAM speed and FSB speed interact. Could you briefly explain why it is that Corsair and even Dell's websites would say that DDR400 would work in this system? Dell doesn't even list DDR333 as an option.

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I think this will help to explain it!

With older Intel Platforms (IE P4 I8XX chipsets) the memory frequency had to be in sync with the Core CPU frequency or it would cause a a bottleneck in the chipset and make the system unstable.


DDR1 Memory runs at:

DDR-266 = 133 MHz 2 X 133 = DDR-266 PC-2100

DDR-333 = 166 MHz 2 X 166 = DDR-333 PC-2700

DDR-400 = 200 MHz 2 X 200 = DDR-400 PC-3200


DDR2 Memory runs at:

DDR2-533 = 266 Clock Frequency 2 X 266 = DDR2 533

DDR2-667 = 333 Clock Frequency 2 X 333 = DDR2 667

DDR2-800 = 400 Clock Frequency 2 X 400 = DDR2 800

DDR2-1066 = 533Clock Frequency 2 X 533 = DDR2 1066


Intel CPU:

400 MHz = 100 MHz Clock Freq. 100 X 4 = 400 FSB

533 MHz = 133 MHz Clock Freq. 133 X 4 = 533 FSB

800 MHz = 200 MHz Clock Freq. 200 X 4 = 800 FSB

1066 MHz = 266 MHz Clock Freq. 266 x 4 = 1066 FSB

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