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Mauled XMS2-1024-6400C4 module

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Hi ram guys,


trying to free the memory from the f****in cheepy original heatspreaders (i have to cool down my memory using MIPS RamFreezer3 watercooling block), i've greatly damaged one of the 2 modules composing my TWIN2X2048-6400C4.

As this is not a build default but a sad user wrongdoing, i guess i cannot claim for warranty,

but i wonder if there is something i could do (just in case of...) instead of just putting that fragged module to trash ?


why these heatspreaders so strongly sticked to the chips (clipped ones are so better) ? DDR2 solderings are so tiny, the glue resists even better... I think i can't use corsair modules anymore just because of that...



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