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Folks, give the RMA process a chance! :)

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I followed the guidelines here on the forum, got a lot of help with testing and determining what was going on with my Corsair memory. (thanks, Ramguy!).


Turned out it needed replacing. I sent it in with tracking and delivery confirmation. Hmmm.... been a while and no ram yet. Called Customer service. My ram was there, but for some reason was marked as waiting for a SECOND pair of modules to arrive. I told the CSR, "Nope. I just sent one pair". CSR says, "OK, well we'll get these out to you right away then. Apologies for the confusion."


I see some folks getting upset because things aren't happening the way they think they should. I think many of us have dealt with manufacturers at some time or another that were less than a pleasure to deal with. My ram issue was personal for my own machine, but I work in IT at a university and believe me when I tell you that I deal with LOTS of manufacturers and warranty issues. When I build a system for myself or my family (or friends), I use Corsair exclusively. This is the FIRST memory issue I've ever had and though there was a little hiccup in there, stuff happens, they took care of it right away and the process continues.


Give 'em a chance. Stay calm. Don't assume the worst. I think you'll find them pretty nice to deal with. Don't be the person YOU wouldn't want to deal with on the phone. :)


And yes, I still buy Corsair memory exclusively. :)

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i'm with you there, one of the main reasons i buy Corsair is because the availability of this warranty.

Have bought Corsair many times before and will continue doing so in future.

Now just waiting on the module i have sent for rma...

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