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[Manufacturer Response:We are very sorry you had an issue with your drive. If you are willing, we would like to get your feedback on this. Can you please tell us what happened to the drive and specifically what portion of the drive construction failed. Please post at our forum if you choose to pass this info to us]



Thank you for asking for my feedback on the Newegg site. I have already requested an RMA.


Regarding the product, CMFSD133-2GB, After removing it from the PC the write-lock tab came out because the shell material that holds it in place broke off. I then tried to use it in my camera, thinking that as long as it was not write-protected I could still use it. However it was write-protected, so I examined it to determine if placing the tab back in place might allow me to flip it back to unlocked position. Unfortunately it appeared there wasn't anything I could do to accomplish this, but while examining the card, I noticed that the whole shell seam was separating, and there were a number of cracks in the shell material. In fact, several pieces of the shell snapped off just while handling it to observe it's condition.


It seems that the shell material had broken down and gotten brittle, like plastic does when exposed to the sun over a long period of time. My card is stored in the camera with a closed memory door so that was certainly is not a factor here.


I appreciate the fact that you offer a lifetime warranty and expect that it will be replaced. I hope this is an isolated issue, and hope my feedback helps you.



Roy Hulick

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Thank you for taking the time to let us know what happened, and if the reseller will not help you please follow the link bellow and we will be happy to replace it.


I will forward this to our Product manager for Flash Products, it has happened before but the number is quite low, and manufacturing assured me they have addressed this with new cards.

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