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Need 4 to 8 GB RAM for new System; please help!


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Hi there, I' m goin to build a new System for heavy numerical computations ( PHD-work).

So I'm not a gamer at all and therefore I do not need the latest, fastest, most expensive graphics-card. Overclocking is not a major concern but might become interesting when my programs run for 10-20 hours.

The system I have in mind:

Asus P5K or P5K-VM Motherboard

4GB RAM expansible to 8 GB in the near future (if possible and affordable!)

The system will be running under XP-64 and Fedora 6+7, maybe open Solaris as well.

Here now my question:

Asus QVL lists only 2 Modules from Corsair which are not listed by the shops which I'm looking at.

I would like to have 4 1GB-sticks DDR2-800-CL4 or 2 2GB-sticks DDR2-800-CL5(4 possible ???) and would like to know wheter I could use 2 x TWIN2X2048-6400C4 or not. If not, it would be nice to hear, which sticks are sure to operate in all 4 memory slots.

Thank you very much for your help!!!


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If you are looking to eventually upgrade to 8GB I would recommend that you go with our TWIN2X4096-6400C5DHX. This is a kit which contains 2x 2GB modules that are rated at DDR2-800MHz.
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