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Customer complaint RMA process. Shortage on TWIN2X2048-8500C5D replacement


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As I know you all are not able to assist in RMA issues, I wish to simply pass on my dissatisfaction with the Corsair RMA process, and the customer service (or lack thereof). This will be my second set of RAM replaced due to a failed stick; the first within 30 days of purchase and that RMA was handled by NewEgg.com promptly and professionally within a week. I completed the RMA forms on the Corsair website and waited the appropriate number of days to get approval. After a full day later then 'normal' I did receive my RMA number (why does it take so long to get from 'approval ' to 'RMA number is...'?) To expedite matters, and knowing you would return my RAM in no more than 24 hours (that is what your email said, sometimes less) I paid the extra in shipping to overnight the RMA. Delivery confirms arrival at your RMA department by 9am on the 18th. And so I wait. Friday the 20th of July comes and still no confirmation email or reply that there will be a delay (again this is listed as steps that will be taken on your website.) I call on Monday the 23rd, when I realize another day will come and go without contact from Corsair. I speak to an associate in customer service who, quite frankly, sounded like it was his first day on the job. That is fine. We all have been there. I explain what has transpired, and he repeats back to me that my ram arrived at your offices on the 18th, and has not yet shipped. He says it must be due to a systems upgrade and database error which occurred over the past week. He says he will update the order and it will ship that night. I request an upgrade in delivery travel as this has taken so long and, according to the associate, might never have been caught had I not called. He informs me he has no authority (never a good thing for a phone rep to say) and I promptly requested to speak with someone who does. I was transferred to a voice mail for the RMA supervisor. I left a message explaining the situation, gave my RMA number, and requested a call back. 45 minutes later I call again, as I never received a call back. This time the person answering the phone was the RMA supervisor. We talked and he informed me the part was not available (TWIN2X2048-8500C5D) and that it was not going to ship that night. He could not provide any more information, and promised he would call me back at 10 AM his time on the 24th. Well today came and went and no call. I called back when I was finally able (I requested he leave a voicemail if I was unavailable, but was taking lunch and available when he should have called) and I spoke with someone even less qualified to handle a normal telephone conversation, let alone a customer service call. I honestly felt bad for the poor kid. It is not his fault his supervisor cannot call when he says he will. I request to speak with another supervisor only to be told there is no other supervisor and the only RMA supervisor I have already talked with. I left another message for the RMA supervisor and requested a call back ‘after his meeting in 20-30 minutes’ (as the phone associate happily offered this information as a call back time) and again expressed my concern to the machine that I had not heard anything from Corsair on the status of my RMA or what is going to be done to resolve the issue. 2 hours later I call back, as there was no call to me, and miss closing time by 10 minutes. I leave another message for another call back and hop on another computer to see if I can find some restitution here, on the forums. I can say I am not surprised to find similar posts expressing the same complaints and the length of time it is taking to receive our replacements for faulty parts. If nothing else please forward this to someone who can address the problems with the customer service, in whatever level the problem lies. For the record my RMA number is 1015553.



I will update this post until it is resolved.



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I am sorry that feel you have not been treated well, but the part you had in RMA is a high volume part and was just out of stock. I have asked our customer service to look into this ASAP and see if there is anything we can do to speed this up. And you are welcome to call and ask for me I will be happy to do what every I can to help you 800-205-7657 and ask for Ram Guy.



Edit I just spoke to Customer Service and they told me they shipped your modules yesterday and Hussain Called and left you a message as you did not answer your phone the UPS tracking number is 1Z966E651264961586

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