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MSI K9N-Platinum and 2*Corsair CM2X1024-6400


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Hey guys,


I got a serious problem with getting my system running. while installing windows im receiving strange fatal errors (only in the gui menu). after trying a bunch of different windows cds and swapping cd drives i decided to check the ohter components.


Mainboard: MSI K9N-Platinum

CPU: Amd Athlon x2 5000+

RAM: 2*Corsair CM2X1024-6400 (dual channel kit)

Graphics: Leadtek Winfast Px 7950 GT

HDD: 2*250gb samsung sp2504c


I checked the harddiks with the samsung "hutil" they turned out to work just fine.


I went on with the ram. I tried Memtest86 and Memtest86+ both came up with loads of errors right after about 20 seconds.... after running them for like 3 hours i got about 117000 errors+


I'm in no rush since i got a lot of other pcs to do my work. so i tried to run the system with one dimm only which didnt work either.


I never experienced any problems with corsair ram so far, thats why i'm a little stunned now.


anyone got any suggestions?


i'd appreciate if someone could help me out!


thanks a lot and keep up the good work!

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With a odd multiplier CPU you mighht be running the RAM off-spec. It is possible the system is trying to run the RAM at 860MHZ with the 13x multiplier. See if the system is stable after adjusting the memory voltage: 2.0v and CPU multiplier: 12x.
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hey there,


i get less errors when i try the modules alone in the slot closest to the cpu.


i checked the msi manual again, they recommend slot 1+3 or slot 2+4 for dual channel kits.


i managed to install windows when using slot 2+4 instead of 1+3. but there are still the memtest errors.


windows works fine so far.


what would you recommend to do? keep on trying to get memtest working without any errors or use the "now working" windows install.


thanks for your help so far

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good morning!


i tried each stick, in each slot as you told me. i kept on getting errors.


now i turned the cpu multiplier down to 10x and the ram works just fine even in dual channel mode. no errors at all.


i guess that'll do for me!


thanks a lot for you help so far


I was wondering if you could explain the problem with the multiplier to me or send me some link where I can read it myself, I really want to learn something out of this.. :)

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