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P5W DH Corsair Memory Concerns (Stability only on games)


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It's been more than a year since I've had an Asus P5W DH motherboard and Conroe x6800 with 4Gb of Corsair Memory. Two pairs of TWIN2X2048-6400 2GB Kit DDR2-800 XMS2-6400 Xtreme Performance,to be more specific.


I'm using Windows XP Pro SP2 and recently purchased a Corsair 620 XH. (Trying to nail the stability issue I'm going to talk about now)


For about the whole year I've got intermittent BSODs while playing, but only while playing games. All my settings on the bios are set to auto,so no overclocking.


The only setting I've set manually was the memory which at the beginning was always recognized by the Mobo as PC5300. (Why does it do that first?)


I set it manually to be DDR2-800, with timings of 5-5-5-12, and the voltage set to 1.9V. As recommended b Corsair.

I don'tknow anything about that 2T on the recommended settings, and there is nothing on this p5w dh moteherboard showing a command rate. (Does anyone know).


I've been investgationg these BSOD and isolating the problem until I got a memory corruption checksum. Now I've used Memtest +86 and Windows Mem Diagnostic, with several passes before and now. And it gives me no memory errors at all.


I need to track this down. So here are my questions:


Does the fact of using 4GB Dual Channel like me affect in gaming stability?


Is my memory downgrading to PC5300,because I'm using all memory slots totalling 4GB?


Considering I'm using 4 slots. Am I overclocking it if I'm turning it manually to DDR2-800 with these settings?


After months of research I'm getting tired need to nail this down.

Please see this post, http://www.ngohq.com/ati-discussion/11589-ati-bsod-fixed-finally-will-help-all-you-ati3duag-dll-squeal-death-et.html


As I've been isolating the problem, I thought I solved the problem but I didn't and it is now definetely something to do with memory...


Please help!!

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Just like I thought.


I've played a big 3 hour run of a very high setting game, without any problems

running at 667Mhz.


I've left all the memory settings to auto on the mobo, the timings and voltage set to auto.


Thanks so much for your reply Ramguy.


One question. Does this mean that if I take 1 stick out, the motherboard will make them run again at 800Mhz?


If so, and if I decide to revert back to Dual Channel, but only having 2GB at the most, which banks should I use, the yellows or the blacks on this particular motherboard.


Dude you saved my day.! Thanks a bunch!!

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