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Flash Voyag GT Win98SE impossible to disconnect correctly - bad driver


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Hi !


I have a flash voyager GT, a laptop Pentium III 500, Win 98SE(+service pack) and 2 problems:


1. I installed the driver, but when I go and check which is the driver, it is not the one I downloaded here but rather a generic by MS. Is there a way I can change to the good driver ?


2. Anyway I can use my voyager GT BUT it is not possible to disconnect correctly, although I choose disconnect from the flash drive context menu.


Any help would be highly appreciated ! Thanks.


PS: I have read the FAQs and not found an answer.

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Thanks a lot, is it not dangerous to disconnect incorrectly ?


Win9X will not give you that option and there is no way to change it.

This is all a bit strange: I have another USB key called "flash disk" and shown as "local disk" (whereas the Corsair USB key is shown "removable disk") which used to be disconnectable, it is not any more.

I also have an external HD by Western Digital, and which is (still) disconnectable. Does it make sense that one be disconnectable and the other not ?

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