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How to take off Clamps on Nautilus waterblock?


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Does anyone know how to take off the steel worm clamp styled bands that are on the waterblock that comes with the Nautilus 500? I had cut one of the hoses too short and need to replace it.


Also, does anyone know how to take the cover off the unit? I'd like to replace the radiator and fan.


any help would be greatly appreciated!



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remove the rubber feet off the bottom to excess the screws.


for hose clamp best use a small flat screw driver to pry the bent tang


Screw driver and side cutters is what I used to remove the CPU hose clamps. Take your time.


Yea, remove the rubber feet, 4 of them, and you will see the screws inside the legs.


Oh wow! Who would've thought! I couldn't figure it out for the longest time. I've had this kit since the first week it was put in stock at newegg. My temps have been horrible for the past 6+ months and It's probably been that long since I've remounted the block and change AS5. The whole bottom of the radiator nearly sealed shut with dust. My temps dropped 5*c since I dusted off the bottom of the rad! I think I'm gonna be sick from the inner half of it! I think I'm gonna change the block out for my Apogee GT that's been sitting in it's box for almost a year and add another rad (swiftech 120) to the loop. I've got 2 pumps, 2 rads, 2 cpu blocks and one (working) computer! ;)

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