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Corsair 520 makes strange noises


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I got this PSU last week and there seems to be a issue with it for me.

I dont know if its because I dont have very much load on it that it might make this sound but anyway it makes a sound that resembles some sort of resonanse or that the fan is wobbling.


It is quite annoying and it bothers me alot. I've opened my case and stopped each fan I have in my system except the one in the psu but the sound remains and it comes from the back of my computer so its not my harddrive.

I dont know if it should sound like this but my last psu from Antec didnt have this kind of noise. Any thoughts on this and how to proceed?



//Mike from Sweden

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Im impressed, it didnt take days or even hours to get a reply as on other forums :-) . This is great.

But one question, should I take this psu back to the store and let them send it or should I do it by myself ? I got this last week and I got a year warranty from them so they should be the ones sending it in right?

I just want to be sure so I dont use my own money if they are the ones that should send it and pay for the shipping cost.

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It is up to you, which ever method is more convenient. If you have any trouble having your reseller replace it for you, you may request the RMA and we will replace it for you. Our PSU's have a 5 year warranty, so we can replace a defective PSU at any time within that period.
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