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Asus P5w + 8500 ....


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Hi there ...


I think this is an age old question but I dont seem to have seen a diffinitive, recent answer to it.


I have an ASUS P5W DH Deluxe setup with an E6600 cpu - been running pretty good with some 'other' 6400 mem - all overclocked of course. There have been 1 or 2 incidents that have got me thinking that the memory was wavering, also I had been unable to clock it past 950 ish which as it's rated at 800 I didnt think there was a problem.


ANYWAY ... just bought some nice shiny Dominator mem in the form of the 8500 C5 stuff, which I thought would fit in nicely with my overclock ..... except it wasnt to be.


Again, no matter what I did, it wouldnt POST above 950 ish again - it would POST at 1066 once I de-clocked it a bit but wouldnt load windows XP at 1066 no matter what.


Looked around - used memtest - and this is where the fun starts !


2 sticks, at 800mhz - no problems (run up to 40% ish)

2 sticks, at 1066mhz - red screen and errors everywhere.


Then I started trying 1 stick in different sockets and found that dimm1 socket wouldnt play ball - memtest simply hung just after it started the percentage going. If I swapped it into dimm2 it was a lot happier - seemed to work ok. Tried the other stick - same again.


If I put either stick into any other sockets, it locked up.


I have thes latest BIOS by the way ...


So the bottom line is this - is this memory compatible with my mobo or not ?? I have had a few other little problems which could be mobo related but from what I've seen the mobo wont do 8500 memory at 1066 ...


Whats the deal Ram Guy !! ?? :)



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I notice in the compatibility list - you show 8500 memory but I think it's the XMS stuff ?? How come this works and yet the flagship stuff doesn't ? Or is it that it works, just not at the advertised speeds - which, incidentally, would be a little mis-leading!


Thanks for the reply anyway - looks like I'll either have to send the memory back or get a new mobo.







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We have always manufactured Memory that run faster than the chipset at time. keep in mind when the Intel 975x first came out the 8500 were not even out yet. This motherboard was offically designed for PC2-5300 and 6400 speeds is actually an overclocking feature. Some component on a system will max out first, whether it's the motherboard/chipset, CPU or RAM when overclocking. Still you cannot consider the components uncompatible. Curently the fastest standard DDR2 Speed is PC2-6400.
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