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RMA status - how long does this take?


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Being I live in a different timezone and your CS is closed by the time I get home from work and your not open for CS calls on the weekend and CS does not seem to return emails from contact form on the website....


I figured I'd try to ask here. The email I got regarding my RMA said:


"Return parts will be sent via 3-day shipping at Corsair's expense. Returned Parts are typically processed in 24 hours of being received, or less. Thank You!"


UPS shows confirmed delivery on July 13th. Monday will be 10 days. Like many others I'm a bit lost on the status of my RMA. I have had not correspondence at all with Corsair after the initial RMA instructions email. The support website and supporting emails about my RMA lead me to believe that this would not take nearly this long.


RMA: 1014500

Case: 187906


I purchased Corsair memory because of a good product reputation and warranty -- I really hope that was not a mistake.

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