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Memory Setup Question


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Hi Wired. Thank you for the reply. I wasn't able to get it working last year. This is my second attempt. Now I'm using a later BIOS version and SP1. So I'm hoping this will now make a difference.


I have a total of 3 pairs of these modules. One I just recently got. I'm not sure of the version, but I think it is 3.x. But one of my older pairs is v1.2 lot: 0609001-1. Does the version and lot make a difference? If necessary, I can of course get this information.

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One of my memory modules went bad and Carsair doesn't manufacture this memory anymore and they had to replace them with four CMC2GX1M2A400C3. Now my computer keeps restarting. Can you tell me what memory settings to use with these new modules?
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