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Gigabyte GA P35 DQ6 & 4 GB Memory


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Can someone please tell me if Windows Vista 32 Bit edition will support 4 Gb of memory.

I am looking to buy a Gigabyte CA-P35-DQ6 Motherboard and to populate it with a Corsair Twin 2x4096-6400 C5G 4 Gb memory kit but i am not sure if the 32 Bit edition of Vista will let me utilise the memory.


Thanks in advance.

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Ram Guy, Thank you for the information, it is as I suspected.

I think I will go ahead with the 4Gb of Ram in the hope that M/soft will enable support of it in the future.

I would go for the 64 Bit Edition of Vista except for the Drivers issue.

This is an exellent forum and I have gleaned a lot of information from your answers to other peoples queries.


Thanks again.

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