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520hx Now working in one pc, working in another


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As I am not so good at computers even if I am trying and bad luck likes me so much that you cant even imagine no matter how hard I try, then I just hoped that you will be able to give me some advice.


I bought 520 hx and as soon as I received I read all manual, I checked how my old power is connected so I can do it the same and prepared, cleaned pc and so on.

I also... uh, took out RAM memory to put a cooler on them, but I must have putter one of those not correctly, well, I am sure I did it ... because one is not working. I took it out


So, I connected my 520 hx properly, doing my best and when I was done and pressed power button, light in this button just blinked when I pressed it and nothing. Every time I pressed it. So I puted my old power and found out that the RAM is broken, I fixed it and it was working fine, however I checked it with my corsair and it didnt work, the same problem.


I raised a claim in the place I bought it and I am waiting for their call... heh

But as I have 2 computers I connected corsair to my older one and I was surprised that it worked just fine, perfect I would say...

So I tried to put it to my new computer again and nothing, in fact I have now RAM memory broken and my dvd to... I dont know how.


Sorry for my story, but I could not do it shorter.

My old computer is a custom one, I picked the parts, "they" put it together, my new one is compaq one if it makes any difference.

I dont know what is wrong, maybe its my computer or maybe not. My old computer needs only 20 pin cable and my new one 24, maybe those 4 are broken? I dont know, I just hope you have patience to read it and help me, I would be very very greatful.


Thank you



My motherboard is (I think) SR1937UK, I always get asked "what the hell is this?"

and I dont know what is MB,but as I read some posts you say a lot about this, maybe its the problem? I dont know.


P.S 2

and about ATX that is supported, how can I check it? and is it possible that my older mainbord has a compatible version and the new one not?

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  • Corsair Employees
If the PSU works on one MB but not another the MB its not working on my not meet the PCI 2.1 Spec. What is the make and model of the MB, you should check with the MB maker and see what the PSU requirement is.
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as I said, I checked corsair 520hx in a computer shop, they shaid that it is not working properly


anyway, my MB as I said to, is SR1937UK (but I am not sure), and I tried to find any manual on this, but I found nothing

the make is Hewleet-Packard


I will just try to replace it, thank you

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  • Corsair Employees

What is the model of your system, is what you have to go by and you should contact them and ask them for the spec of the system or look at the old PSU chances are its ATX 1.3 spec and why its not working.


And the store that told you its not working properly did they try to sell you a new PSU by chance? How did they determine it was not working properly?

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no, they didnt try to sell me anything, they just said that they tried it and it is working but not properly. so... I dont know why it is working with my old pc and with my new one its not, I think my newer MB will be more compatible than the old one kt-600.

I dont know who to ask, where to look, I tried to look for a manual for this motherboard if that the name of it, but nothing. my new computer is compaq...

City where I live, even if its big sucks at computers, there is no place that they will say "yes, you can pick the parts, we will make a computer for you", but "go, see some here, pick one... we cant do anything else".

Maybe I should try to call the shop or I dont know. Anyway the shop that I bought that corsair in arranged a curier that will take it and probably replace it. I hope they wont say that it is working and that I have to pay for that.


Maybe I will just wait until they will replace it. My new computer has about 10 months, so I hope its not to old.


Thanks for help mate. I will tell if its their fault or mine.

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there is "something" about that motherboard, but very little


and a bit more




I hope this can help, because I am not very good at computers, but I am trying.

Maybe some new motherboard will solve the problem? Anyone has any ideas which one?

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  • Corsair Employees
Let's get it replaced. Please follow the link in my signature “I think I have a bad part! Or *New* Tech Support Express” and we will be happy to replace them or it, please note that you are posting from the forum!
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