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upgrading from 2 to 4 gb


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Hello Ram guy,


I dont understand why im not getting reply for my question so just i want to write it again to make it simple and clear.

I have 2048MB DDR2 Corsair TwinX CL 4, PC6400/800 with p5b delux.

I want to increase my RAM as suggested with exactly same module above from 2 to 4 gb.

I just want to know will i able to get the same fsb(800) in 4 gb also in this board.

The reaults im getting while testing ram(2 sticks at present and ok result with memtest) i will also get the same with added additional 2 gb sticks?


I have heard somewhere that mb ram fsb will be reduced from 800 to 667 with additional 2 gb sticks(total 4) is it true for p5b deluxe board?


can u test this simple test and give me some advice(or if u r already knowing it) if i buy the additional ram or not?



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The answer is most likely not, but you are welcome to try it. With the MB you have listed when you have 4 modules installed it will need to set the memory Frequency at DDR667, but you might have some margin in the CPU to over clock the CPU with the memory linked and get close to it.
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