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Strange Serial Numbers and not working ram


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Dear Sir or Madam,


a few weeks ago I ordered a 2 GB Kit (2x1 gb - xms2-6400; 4 4 4 12).


Serial numbers were:

005971 - 07120685-0

005929 - 07120685-0


Computer didn't even boot up with both sticks, I removed one, Windows booted up, but crashed after a few minutes.


I sent the kit back to my vendor, received another kit.


Serial numbers were:

239662 - 07210424-0

239662 - 07210424-0


And guess what: Windows boots, even with both sticks, but crashes after a few minutes. Also with one.


CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E4300

Mobo: ASUS P5N-E

Graphic Card: tested 3 different

Bios: Standard settings - no oc at all, version from very end of 2006


Two questions:

Why are the serial numbers at kit 1 different, and the same at kit 2?


So, where is the problem? Did I receive 4 bad Corsair Sticks? Or did my vendor send me defect memory? Or is the memory not compatibel with my mobo?


best regards

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Thank you for the reply. I m at work, so I cant give you all the details.


The numbers on the modules are on both pieces:

239662 - 07210424-0

239662 - 07210424-0


The link "How To Read the Memory Label" doesnt help me much, as the modules look a lil bit different than those shown. If that doesnt help, I ll upload a foto of both sticks.


The MB is ASUS P5N-E SLI, I updated Bios to latest version yesterday, still same errors.


I havent touched any options in Bios except "set back to factory defaults" or whatever that option is called and I de-activated that usb legacy thing I read here.


I burnt that MemTest ISO and run it, and it showed me errors en masse.


As I really have to work with my PC, yesterday I bought some oem-cheapo-ram from my local vendor, and my PC runs perfectly with it.


To be honest, I ordered the much more expensive corsair ram primarly, cos I wanted to just install the memory and use my pc, not to update bios, and change dozens of options in bios, which I didnt want to touch.


Though, I d appreciate your help to get my machine run even with corsair ram, otherwise I try to get my money back from my vendor.

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