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Here's my dilemma:


Computer was built this past December. Pieced together an MSI 975x v2 mobo with a Core 2 Duo X6800 and 2 GB CORSAIR XMS2 6400. My video card is the Sapphire x1950 xt , but I doubt that is a factor in the equation.


Recently, as in the past week and a half, my computer has been giving me BSOD intermittenly referring to Win32k.sys. I subsequently reformatted and reinstalled Windows XP and I thought I had solved the problem. On Friday the when I powered on the machine it would not post. Because I had the sticks in dual channel mode, I decided to interchange each stick in the first slot. As a result of this, I discovered that when I place only 1 stick in the first slot, the machine posts and boots, no problem. However when I try to add the second stick, in ANY slot, the machine hangs at the post screen and I have to pull out the second stick.


So I've concluded that one of my two sticks is bad. I filled out an RMA requets, but I haven't heard anything yet and since I can't post with both memory sticks, I haven't been able to run Memtest86+.


Any suggestions?

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