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P5b delux upgrading to 4gb 800xms2 6400 c4


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I posted last week somewhere the same question i dont know where it is gone (deleted) so im putting it again

My current spec are .core2 e6600 ,p5b delux wifi,2 gb 800xms2 6400 c4 ram,

working with no oc stable (9 months)with memtest ok.

I am planing to upgrade my system from 2 gb to 4 gb with the same 800xms2 6400 c4 module. so i want to know

1 Will i able to run the system at 800 fsb normal all 4 sticks ?


2 If i overclock them then will i achive the incresed fsb with 4 gb as u r saying it increase with 2 gb (800-to 980 with proper cooling)?


3 What bout memtest ?


4 I have heard somewhere that P5b with 965 chipset is not supporting 4gb of 800 fsb is it true?




5 My main aim for upgrading is to overclock the whole syst with homemade water cooling for cpu as well as all 4 ram sticks. So if i cant able to overclock them all 4 sticks then for me its worthless to buy the additional ram..




ps:my psu is rated 600watt.

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