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Asus P5N32-E SLI problems with Corsair Memory


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Hello there!


Im tryin to describe my problem but my English isnt perfect so please be patient =)


I got 2 Corsair Kits with 2 GB and 1 GB. I think this problem is already known if I use the 2x1 GB RAM there are no probs but if i use both 2x1 GB and 2x512 MB i get errors in Windows, Bluescreens, Restarts etc.


They are both CL5 and i use "Auto" in BIOS. I already updated the BIOS to 1103. Ive heard, the dont run at 800 MHZ only 667 MHZ but i really dont get comfortable with that ...


Do i have to change the Motherboard if i want to??


Ive tested both RAM seperately with no errors ... what could i do??


Thanks =)


My Speccs are:



Corsair XMS2 CL5 2GB + 1GB Kit

Intel Pentium E 6600

2 x Seagate 320 GB (16MB)

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