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memorytest86 error??

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hi i recently bought a stick of corsair 1gig value ram


ive been getting the BSOD with memory dump error, i did a memorytest86 on the stick and got these results


(the picture is too big to post 1.35 mb -.-)





im not experienced with ram :sigh!: a little help would be appreshiated :p:

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my cpu is set to 260 mhz and 10X multiplier


cpu voltage is set to 3.25 in bios


the ram is set to to auto


ram voltage is auto





how many runs should i put memtest through??

and could you tell me what the errors mean?

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  • Corsair Employees
Please do not over clock the CPU and test the memory, and if you have a failing module they will normally fail a lower test like 1-4 and will be consistant, if its your Over Clock or settings the errors will be in a higher test 5-8 and will be more random.
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