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DDR400 on early opteron 240???


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Hi, I just purchased: - 2 opteron 240 from early batches (supports up to DDR333) - a Tyan Tiger K8W MB - 4 sticks of CM72SD512RLP-3200 (reg ECC, 512MB, DDR400) When I plug all 4 sticks the OS won't boot (but BIOS mem test passes, and shows 400MHz). When I plug only 1 or 2 sticks, everything works fine. I took the faster RAM to be more future-proof, so that I just need to upgrade CPUs later on, and also because I thought faster RAM couldn't harm. Now I wonder wether this "faster than mem controller in CPU" RAM is the culprit??? Unfortunately the Tyan MoBo does not offer many settings for the RAM, so I can't force it down to 333MHz... What to do?!? :confused: Any help greatly appreciated! good day
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