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I killed my Voyager :(


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Hello there

I had my corsair voyager usb 1gb drive plugged into a possibly short-circuited usb port (on the FRONT of a friend's pc tower). The result was a non-functional drive :( (not even the blue light was coming up).

After testing the drive with other computers, I decided to gently uncover the pcb (and then the characteristic smell came out..). That small L3 chip is melted - this is the only visible damage, and I keep wondering whether i could replace this or not.





I know this is would be tedious, this would void the warranty, but I want to take my chances and try to recover my data.

Can you help me out by giving me the description of this resistor/capacitor ?


I had stored a ton of files in there.. This little thing was sooo handy all the time - I had some portable apps perfectly set up, my favorites, mails, phone numbers and so many other things! It was a great drive :(: Price/speed all were exceptional! Reliability as well! I loved that little gadget! I couldn't imagine of a way to lose my data until this happened to me:(:

Any help appreciated!

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Components near the usb plug named "L??" are typically small coils/inductors (value a few micro-henry) that help emc filtering the supply voltage. If you don't have immediate access to such smd component you could replace it for test purposes with a 1 ohm resistor or simply short it.

But your chances are not really good that the visibly broken L3 is the only damage, most likely more components are affected. Considering your pictures I would say that coil L3 acted like a melting fuse upon a short circuit in the remaining circuitry.

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  • Corsair Employees

I have asked if there is anything that can be done to help you, but it will be hard since you have taken the drive apart, as that will VOID the warranty.



Please call and ask for me at 800-205-7657 or 510-657-8747 Ext "2" and ask for Ram Guy, but I will be out of the office the next few days, so it will have to be today. Or just get a RMA number and send me an email before you send us the drive with a link to this post.

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