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Bad Warranty Service


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Ok so I send back a set of TWIN2X2048-8500C5D cause one stick was bad they recieved it on the 28th.

I call them yesterday to get told we cant find it but we did recieve it from UPS, so I thought hmm something is strange then I start to read the forum and guess what someone else had the same problem.

So then I get a email today saying


( We already found the modules that you sent us. Your replacement

part is currently in our back order but as soon as we receive these

parts it will be shipped to you right away. We apologize for the delay.

If you have any other questions just let us know. Thank you for choosing

Corsair and have a great day! )


OK wth is that well for one what kind of company backorders when you are the actual company ? I could understand if you where a reseller.

You as a company should have plenty in store for RMA returns are you telling me that the memory that I bought had this many problems where you ran out of them to supply for RMA returns ?


So my thoughts is they have had a BIG mess up and the 8500 serious is a fluke and they didnt have enough set back for RMA returns because they had WAY TO MANY RMA's on them............


Asked for replacements of another kind they said they had no replacements...


So what kind of company is this ?

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Well I am sorry you are not happy but the return rate is still quite low, its just that this is a high demand part and there is a shortage of the IC's we use to Build it right now, I would call them on Friday and ask them for a update.
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Well see the problem with that is there isnt even a ETA of the IC's so really I have to wait for your companies neglect of something that has nothing to do with me, it isnt my fault you didnt have enough Ic's is it ?

But I have to pay the price which in turn is a waiting game ( terrible CS if you ask me ) Atleast offer a exchange for different Ram which you dont.

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