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XMS2 6400 pro and Striker extreme DET DRAM error


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Can anyone help this is driving me nuts!


I am trying to get a new build to post with a striker extreme MB but all I and getting on the LCD post screen is CPU INIT or DET DRAM, it wont post at all.


I am using CM2x1024 - 6400 XMS2 pro which is listed as compatible.


Some forums are saying that I need to overide the default 1.8v setting from the MB and run at 2.1.v but how am I supposed to do that it the system won't post?


all this kit is new out of the box and I have nothing lying around to get the system up and running with.


I have tried single stick/ diffferent channels and all possible combinations of them, but I cannot get past the DET DRAM shutdown on my initialisation.:(:

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