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Corsair Dominator 6400C4 TwinX2048 And P5N32 SLI Deluxe Nforce 4 Intel X16


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Ive been using this board for about a year know and was using the 5400c4 ram, but got a deal on the Dominator series 6400c4 800.


I got no lockups with the 5400C4 DDR2667 but when i went with the DDR2 800. I would get a lockup after sitting for awhile.


Games run good memtest passed tests and even did a driver install.


But when i leave the PC idle for awhile just screensaver, i would return and the system would be frozen.


I heard somewhere in the ASUS forums that this board is tested at 667 that 800 wasn't really compatible.


But i ran the memory at 800 and passed memetest and played games but why would it lockup after hours and bare in mind there is no over heating.


I have the PentiumD 940 3.2 also and i did move the FXB down to 667 but not sure yet what the results will be.


I was told also that this board was tested with these modules too and there should be no problem.


Is it true that i should run these at 667 with 2.1v?

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Why do i need to run it at 667? The Pentium D 940 is 800 i thought.


So if i link the 2 than where will it give me the option to overclock to cpu? And what timings can i adjust these modules to if a leave it at 667? Can I use

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That is the design of the 590 Chipset:




CPU Frequency:DDR Frequency


1066MHZ:667MHZ(800MHZ OC)






The chipset is not designed for 1:1(actually 1:2 ratio since the actual frequency of you CPU is 200MHZ and the RAM if DDR2-800 is 400MHZ)ratio. It will cause a bottle neck on the memory controller/chipset if you do it.

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