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dp965lt Vista 64bit Black Screen on boot


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I've had my system up (Vista 64 bit) and running for months. I decided to add more memory to my system. I have an Intel dp965lt with the latest bios. I had 2 gigs and added 2 more gigs. The memory is Corsair CM2x1024-6400 800MHz I added the same memory to give me 4 gigs. The BIOS will see the memory. When I try to boot, I get the post then the system will start to load with the Window's Green Progress bar. When the bar dissapears, the screen is blank. The system is still on and I can see the hard drive light coming on every now and then. If I turn off the computer and restart in safe mode--I can get it to boot all the way with video.


I decided to try to just reinstall Vista and noticed that the install is very very slow now. It takes forever to get to the next step and eventually ended up with the black sceen and a crash.


I Then took out the old memory and keep the new memory and reinstalled Vista (Quickly) with no problems. I would assume that the memory is fine but I'm having a problem either with the Intel's DP965LT Mother board or with Vista 64.


Any thoughts on why this may be happeing?

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Hey man,


I had thesame problem like yourself.

I bought a new computer (intel dp965lt with the latest bios -> 1687, core2duo 6600, 4 gb ram)

There is a bug in the bios that if you have more than 3 gb ram, your computer becomes very slow.

You have to install a previous version of the bios that you can find on the intel site (1669 or 1649 works like a charm!)

Try it :)



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