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Striker extreme ,strike two, +xms2 pc 8500c5


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some pre data first, i have been using this computer for 4 months now i never had a single issue, runing at 3.2ghz, memory at 1066 and2.2v the rest set to auto, all games and programs worked gr8, concrete solid performance lol till one day i turn off the cpu and in the nex reboot, fack!!! cpu init,


.(any user of striker extreme with this problem send my a message to help u with it),.,

. so after 3 days of fighting against the mobo i fix the cpu init issue, so i say is all ok now, computer boots now, when windows started i noticed that it wasnt as fast as it should be, windows take to long to move or minimize. so i use everest ultimate to monitor all temps, all inside ranges, and when i decide to run memtest, yes error and errors, the memmory is unable to function correctly. so i started to reserch about it to find a solution, thts how i ended here, i spend all night reading hunreds of threads here, and decide to modify my memmory settings and volatges, this is the first time i mess with volatges, so can u guys please point me in the right way

this config im using right now it seems to be working perfect. speed is alive again.

processor runing at 3.2ghz via multiplier x13

memory timings 5-5-5-15-2t 2.2v 1066mhz linked ratio 1:1 slirdy disable

Vcore 1.35

1.2v ht 1.35

nb core 1.35

sb core 1.55

rest set to auto. memtest runing as i write this, no issue found yet, and hopely wont be any. so what you guys think shall i modify something else to improve preformance and stability?

ty all, and ty ramguy, there are very poor moderated help in forums elsewhere, and you are really help us here, you make corsair a better brand,.

i just hope asus had ppl like you, their support forum is the worst i have ever seen.

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What have you tried? Did you try and lower the CPU Multiplier?

And have you tested the modules one at a time with http://www.memtest.org to make sure one is not failing. Also I am not clear on what the problem actually is, are you getting an error in Windows and what version of Windows are you using?

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whoops sorry you r right not even i undrestand tht, i ran the memtest 3 times for each ram stick the all passed without errors now that i set the settings above in the first post., the question is if the settings that im using are good or should i change something, serching for advice.



using vista ulti 64

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