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ABIT AN8 SLI DDR auto detect speed


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I have an Abit AN8 SLI motherboard with an Athlon 64 3700+ and I just added VS2GBKIT400C3, which is 2x1GB DDR 400 CAS 3.


I have BIOS set to auto detect memory, and it's showing up as Dual Channel DDR 333 CAS 2. Nothing is overclocked, everything set to autodetect/defaults.


Should I go in to BIOS and manually change the settings or leave it as is?

If I change it in BIOS should I just change speed & CAS and leave everything else as auto?



The other memory in the PC is 2x512MB KVR DDR400 CAS 3.



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  • Corsair Employees

There are two issues you will need to put in consideration.


1. We do not recommend mixing and matching any modules together as it can cause many problems. My suggestion would be to add only what you currently have in your system to the exact part number.


2. There is a limitation with the AMD64 CPU which causes the memory controller which is built on to the CPU to run memory at DDR333 when more than 2 slots are filled. This is a limitation on the processor itself and not the memory.


You can attempt to change the settings manually, however it is unlikely that you will be able to run 4 modules at DDR-400 on this system.

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Thanks for the quick reply.


I guess you're right, I checked my manual and it says when using 4 "double rank" DIMMs that the speed is DDR333.

The manual says when running 2 double rank and 2 single rank it will run at DDR400.


Does corsair sell Single Rank DDR400 memory?


Am I ok running at CAS 2 or 2.5, which is what it is running at now or should I override the defaults to put it at CAS 3?

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