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4GB Dominator 9136's cant do decent timings at any setting ?


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I have the eVGA 680i board..

I cant do CL4 @ 1066Mhz with 4 sticks , plus I cant get CL4 timings @ DDR800 speeds ..


Did I waste my money buying expensive sticks for no darn reason...

Aren't these higher end sticks suppose to be good with timings..

I've tried inscreasing my boards SSP voltage to 1.5 , no luck..

I've tried running the sticks @ 2.1v , no luck..


How annoying is that !


I've tried 6 different Bios for my board , non had an effect..


Am I the only one , am I missing out on something...

Please Tell me..


System reboots with the slightest stretch of tight timings..



My ram is listed as Compatible with my board , so do I have to live with the fact that this is what the Dominator 9136's are capabile of !

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thanks for the post..

But talking about what they are designed to do , I cant do much less then what they're designed to do !


My Memory is rated to do , 1142 @ 5,5,5,15 -2.1v

I cant run mine @ 1066 @ 4,4,4,15 with the following voltages 1.85v.1.95v.2.1v

infact I cant run mine @ 800 @ 4,4,4,15 - voltages 1.85v.1.95v.2.1v


I bought these ram a long time back they costed me more then 1400$ , I see people with PC6400's doing better then my ram..


Two sticks can go higher on the Mhz , like 1142 but they still cant do CL 4 at any settings.. (like for example I cant do CL4 @ 800Mhz)

Isn't the whole purpose of buying high end memory the fact that you gain more felxibility...

My memory is acting like cheap 30$ memory.. (it craps out on different settings)


Is anyone else having this problem or has anyone out there managed to fix this on the eVGA 680i..

Or are the dominator 9136's just simply horrible memory..


I wish I could do 1142Mhz @ 5,5,5,15 2.1v (this is what it was designed to do) but it cant with 4 sticks..

But the worst part is , that to even out the loss in performance I cant do DDR800 speeds with normal timings , like CL4 !

I've seen people with different brands of memory using the same board and bios gain better timings with lower end modules then I can..

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  • Corsair Employees

With 4 modules you would have to set the memory at DDR667 or DDR800, if you are over clocking the CPU then set it to DDR667, especially since you stated they will run art there tested settings with one set of modules.

There is more loading on the system with 4 modules and it will not over clock as well this is normal. Sorry!

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